Weathering the storm: Teams to compete at 5 p.m. as scheduled


Lots of back-and-forthing about how to handle today’s menacing weather, but in the end the organizers — at the encouragement of the teams — decided to forge ahead and stick to the original plans. Some participants have bowed out, but it appears that almost all, if not all, teams have at least a member or two representing.

And those teams are:

And Then: the app for telling the stories of a place

FIBR Insulate is created through an upcycling process that converts discarded fibers into eco-friendly insulation and offers an alternative to fiberglass and foam insulation as an easy-to-install and environmentally conscious product. FIBR is manufactured in Louisville, KY.

Fairytale Cakes & Creations: We are completely nut-free bakery that also offers gluten-free and allergy friendly cakes and pastries. We will offer the ability to order online, and over the phone. We will also be one of two gluten-free etc. bakeries to deliver our products.

Me You Blue: We are manufacturing and marketing a beautiful tile product from recycled materials. This can be used in everything from countertops to backsplashes.

Tevata: Our ultimate goal is to increase first year retention rates at higher education institutions. We have developed a mobile application to alleviate the stress of first year students to find their preferred co-curricular activities and available academic resources. This app works similar to Meetup but only targeted specifically toward college students. We believe that student engagement on campus is directly related to students continuing their education.

GenieAlarm: An auto adjusting alarm that saves sleep and alerts people of weather events that would effect their commute.

JustMoveIt: Prevention of childhood obesity

Aquaponics: We grow and sell year-round organic produce using the aquaponics system to the Louisville area.

Core in Common: The only platform that uses your talents as a teacher to build, customize, share and peer review innovative curriculum content saving you time and producing better results.

Drinkz: A flash sale site providing people with deals and bars with people.

Wakey Wakey: Use your phone as your alarm clock? Wouldn’t it be fun to send a song to a friend for them to use as their alarm and vice-versa? You wouldn’t know what song it is until the alarm goes off at a time you set. You can also send voice-recorded messages for an added surprise! The new social alarm is here.

DOR: A bluetooth low-energy track device working with an app to prevent losing children in large indoor spaces.

PoppolWe create online surveys that provide entertainment while informing the consumer with valuable infomation including past, present, and future political candidates and/or figures. We host a website that can be connected to different social networks including twitter and facebook after the quiz has been completed. We aim to connect pop culture with political information through social network sites.