Where are they now? — WhereTheTrucks.At Gives Us an Update

Startup Weekend Louisville number three is right around the corner. Which means it’s been about six months since the WhereTheTrucks.At team participated in the second Startup Weekend last winter.

It’s been a busy six months for sure.

When our team of six signed up, we all knew we were making a commitment of 54 hours to try something new, learn a few things, and meet some great people. None of us, though, expected to commit the next six months (or more) to starting a company.

This has meant not all of the six team members could continue on with the project and it’s meant slow (sometimes painfully slow) progress as we bootstrap our startup. But in the past six months, we’ve gone from an idea and a slide deck to a real business:

  • We built and launched an iOS app.
  • We formed relationships with local food trucks.
  • We landed some great local press.
  • We connected with foodies and food trucks outside of Louisville.
  • We began work on an Android version of the app.
  • And most exciting for us, we’re getting ready to launch in other markets.

It has been a little herky-jerky at times, but we all have jobs and relationships and commitments outside of WhereTheTrucks.At. There have also been times where we went down the wrong path, spun our wheels, and generally not made much progress.

Luckily what we learned during Startup Weekend (and reading Lean Startup, which was our third place prize) has helped us course correct pretty quickly. We are still far from knowing if our mobile marketing service for food trucks is a success, but our team has already been successful in many, many ways.

As partners, we’ve got a great team. We’ve become plugged into the Louisville startup community. And we’ve had the chance to build, measure, and learn for the past six months.

But it doesn’t take six months to make something happen. You can get a little bit of all of this just from your 54 hours of Startup Weekend and I encourage you to sign up now and reserve you spot. You won’t regret it.

–Article by Will Bogel